Poster Submission

Published: February 21st, 2018

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Interested participants can submit contributed posters as part of the registration process.  Students submitting posters will be included as part of the student poster competition.


  • Size: The posters should measure approximately 30 inches x 40 inches. No poster should be larger than this.
  • Orientation:  The posters should be portrait oriented.
  • Poster display: At the venue the posters will be pinned to a corked poster display board.
  • Time: The poster mounts will be available throughout the entire conference.  You will be able to mount these when you arrive at the conference.
  • Readability and quality: Please make the posters such that all matter can be read clearly from a distance of 2-3 feet.
  • For those in the student poster competition: Your posters will be judged based on the innovation, clarity of the message, and presentation.


  • Comply with the Rules: Read and comply with specific rules as stated above.  If you have doubts, do not assume anything- check with the program committee Chair.
  • Posters should not be overloaded: Do not put excessive information in your poster that discourages the viewer for two reasons:
    • The matter is too small to read from 3 feet away
    • The poster will demand too much times and the judge has many other posters to view.
  • Appearance criteria: Posters should be bold, ultra-simple, sparse and clear, so that the viewer is encouraged to stop by and look at it.  Do not worry if your poster does not look sophisticated. Viewers prefer simplicity more than sophistication. Additionally, visuals and diagrams are more favorable than excessive text content.
  • 2-minute pitch:  this should be prepared and rehearsed and should powerfully convey the gist of your message.  The objective of the 2-minute pitch is to kindle interest so that the viewer will seek more detail.
  • Prepare for a marathon:  A poster presentation is only 2 minutes long, but will be repeated many times.
  • Beware the apparent expert: There is that occasional person in the audience who may show a keen interest in your poster.  Do not get carried away in a lengthy discussion.